Communities and Local Government Committee raises concerns over welfare reforms

The Communities and Local Government Committee has raised concerns over the impact of welfare reform on local authorities.

The Committee has published a report, ‘Implementation of welfare reform by local authorities’, which has identified four issues for the government to address.

First, interdepartmental communication needs to focus on greater government assistance to local authorities, particularly concerning the communication of information.

Second, government must ‘work with the Local Government Association to assess the cumulative impact of the entire programme on local authorities’ resources.’

Third, the government must assure that local authorities and housing associations are not crippled by the cost of the changes being made to the welfare system, while information on these changes must remain clear and access to guidance must be available.

Finally, the Committee is concerned over the readiness of the systems that will be ushered in with upcoming changes, particularly Universal Credit’s fraud detection systems.

To read the full publication, please see the Parliament website.


This article was taken from the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion – www.cesi.org.uk/social-inclusion-news