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Branson, Hohn and Caudwell pledge to donate half of wealth to charity

UK businessmen Richard Branson, John Caudwell, David Sainsbury, Christopher Hohn and Dr Mo Ibrahim are among the latest to join the Giving Pledge to donate half of their wealth to philanthropic causes of their choice.

The latest names were announced yesterday by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which with Warren Buffett initiated the legacy scheme in 2010. Richard Branson is joined by his wife in their pledge. He said:

"Delighted to join the Giving Pledge with my wife Joan…Stuff really is not what brings happiness. Family, friends, good health and the satisfaction that comes from making a positive difference are what really matters. Happily our children, who will be our principal heirs, agree with me on this."

Branson is one of 12 new pledgers (couples counting as one pledge), of which five are British, bringing the total number signed up to the Giving Pledge to 105.

In addition to the Brits, two of the new pledgers play significant roles in the UK: Jewish Ukranian Victor Pinchuk is the founder of EastOne Group, which is based in London, and Malaysian Vincent Tan Chee Yioun is the owner of Cardiff City FC.

The other pledgers are German Hasso Plattner; Russian Vladimir Potanin; Australians Andrew and Nicola Forrest; South Africans Patrice and Precious Motsepe and Indian Azim Premji. 

Bill Gates said: "The Giving Pledge brings people together to exchange ideas about how to be as effective as possible and smarter in our giving.

"There are amazing examples of giving happening around the world – and not just among the wealthy – that we can learnt from, and I am excited about the conversations and ideas that will happen thanks to this impressive group of international philanthropists."

This article was taken from Civil Society – http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/fundraising/news/content/14504