Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

31/01/13 – FaithAction E-News and New Partnership Opportunity

Along with our regular news, event and resource updates, this week we would like to hear from any members who are interested in joining a partnership that FaithAction is forming around community-based English language provision, with the aim of applying for the following funding:

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is launching a Competition to discover, and support, organisations that can deliver innovative community-based English language programmes. £6 million of funding is available to reach groups with the lowest levels of English language skills, in areas where there is high demand for English language support.

If your organisation is doing work in this area or has experience in English language education please let us know. Email a brief description of your organisation, including your location to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please visit this page for more information on the programme and the target areas.


In other news, we have several events running which are free for voluntary sector organisations:

The FaithAction/NCB ‘Commissioning for Equality’ event provides practical training that will help you to understand the commissioning process and improve your organisation’s chance of winning government contracts to deliver health and social care services. The next events are in Cambridge, Guildford and Bristol, book your place now!

FaithAction have partnered with the Race Equality Foundation to run two roundtable events on health, housing and health inequalities. The next event is in London on February 7th.

‘Universal Credit: a faith-based and voluntary sector response’ takes place in Birmingham on February 27th. This event will explain Universal Credit, examine the potential implications and explore how your own organisation can provide a practical response.




Muslim Council of Britain Condemns Self-styled ‘Muslim Patrol’

The Muslim Council of Britain have issued a statement in response to recent media attention on the ‘Muslim Patrol’ attacks on the streets of London, condemning the behaviour as not typical of British Muslim. The statement also highlights how the British Muslim community have been helping out recently, such as several groups working to clear the snow this month. They also warned of certain sections of the media industry that work to portray British Muslims in a negative light.

The full statement, including video responses, can be found on the MCB website.


New Campaign Calls for Investment in Family

National charity 4Children are spearheading a new campaign, Fair4Families, that urges the government to make children and families a priority in this year’s Comprehensive Spending Review. The campaign asks that the government recognise families as an asset, and provide them with better support, more investment in housing, and a workable strategy to end child poverty.

More information on the campaign can be found on the 4Children website.


New Report Highlights Value of Care Ratings

A new report published by the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group and the National Care Forum outlines a need for a new method of rating care homes, and why the current system is insufficient. The report calls for a single trusted rating system to best allow the public to make informed decisions regarding care and support, and argues that the Care Quality Commission would be the best suited body to run such a scheme.

More information and the full report can be found on the VODG website, along with an informative blog post by the VODG chairman and the NCF executive director.


New Show to Help Support Young People’s Issues

A new weekly program aimed at 13-16 year olds has been launched via Youtube. Each week, The 4:01 Show will present a range of youth-focused news along with information and advice to help young people deal with a wide range of issues and topical discussion.

More information can be found on The 4:01 Show’s Youtube channel.




Improving Health Outcomes: Why Clusters of Lifestyle Behaviours Matter

Wednesday 6th March; The King’s Fund, London

The King’s Fund is running a conference as a follow-up to their recent publication regarding health inequalities. The conference will explore how to improve health outcomes using the information learned from the publication.

For more information, and to book, please see The King’s Fund’s website.


Language Support in Health and Social Care Briefing Paper Launch

3pm-5pm, 14th February, Race Equality Foundation offices, London

The Race Equality Foundation will be holding a roundtable event to launch a new briefing paper from Beverley Costa of Mothertongue. The paper examines the significance of communication in provision of health care, how language barriers can prevent access, and the role of professional and voluntary interpreters.

All attendants will receive a copy of the briefing paper. If you’re interested, please contact Farah at [email protected] or on 0207 428 1880.


Universal Credit: A Faith-Based and Voluntary Sector Response

Wednesday February 27th; Crossover Resource and Learning Centre,Birmingham

This free event, run by FaithAction in partnership with St. Paul’s Crossover, will examine the imminent shakeup of the welfare benefits system by the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and the launch of Universal Credit as a replacement of multiple forms of benefit.

More detailed information is available on our website.


Dementia 2013: A National Priority

Wednesday 24th April 2013; Harrogate International Centre

Wednesday 15th May 2013; Armada House, Bristol

Thursday 27th June 2013; America Square Conference Centre, London

Public Service Events are running a series of events for anyone involved with or affected by dementia. Featuring a range of expert speakers, the conferences will outline the challenges of combating dementia, and how care and support for it can be improved.

More information can be found here: Harrogate | Bristol | London




NHS London have released a briefing note (pdf) on the political aspects of Health and Wellbeing boards, including the potential for leadership and strategic direction, differences with other committees, and the scope of decision-making.


Featured Member

Our Featured Member this week is Ykids

Formed in 2002, Ykids provides children in Merseyside with support and guidance , and a wide range of activities. They run a large number of projects across Merseyside, giving young people an opportunity to participate in fun and enriching activities, including a cooking project, involving its own café; an arts project that deals with issues involving self-image and role models; and a mentoring scheme that provides many diverse opportunities, such as learning dances from around the world, or trying out new and different sports.

For more information on Ykids, please visit www.ykids.co.uk