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Cabinet Office plans £20m ‘outcomes fund’ to help charities win payment-by-results contracts

The Cabinet Office is hoping to launch a £20m "outcomes fund" to make it easier for public bodies to issue payment-by-results contracts and social impact bonds for charities, according to the Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd.

Hurd told Third Sector the fund would act as a top-up in instances when a public body wanted to run a payment-by-results contract that would save money for a range of public bodies, but when it could not justify using its own budget to set it up.

"We had a conversation with a county council that wanted to do something different in an area of social policy and it said there would be savings for central government," he said. "It wanted to do a social impact bond and wanted us, quite reasonably, to put up some money.

"We saw this would happen a lot, and it would be difficult to get buy-in from several public bodies."

A government report into its progress in growing the social investment market said that the Cabinet Office would consider launching such a fund, but did not say how large it would be.

Those working with the sector, including Sir Ronald Cohen, chair of Big Society Capital, had said that a much larger amount of money was needed for such projects.

Hurd said that more money could be made available if the project was proven to work.

"It would be about £20m, but if it’s proven itself then it can grow," he said. "It will always be a top-up mechanism, though."

Hurd did not say when the fund could be launched.

This article was taken from www.third-sector.co.uk – http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/Finance/article/1152630