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Adobe to offer charities software at reduced prices

Richard Craig, chief of the Charity Technology Trust, which runs the CTXchange scheme, says access to design software will be useful to charities

Charities with an annual income of less than £6m will be able to use professional software including Photoshop and InDesign at a fraction of their retail cost after the firm Adobe joined the Charity Technology Trust’s CTXchange programme.

The scheme gives eligible charities and housing associations a limited number of licences for computer software programmes, which have been donated by major software companies including Microsoft and Symantec.

The software is free, but charities pay a small administrative fee to the CTT of between 4 and 8 per cent of the retail value of the software, depending on the programme they are applying for.

The latest version of Adobe’s Photoshop, a popular image-editing and graphics-creation application, is sold for £556 plus VAT on the Adobe website.

The trust announced yesterday that Adobe had joined the scheme and would offer a limited number of licences  to charities that meet the criteria. Eligible organisations can ask for licences for up to four individual applications or a suite of several each year.

Adobe software packages available through the scheme include Photoshop, the page layout application InDesign and the website editing package Dreamweaver.

The application criteria include having an annual income of less than £6m and being able to provide information to Adobe for case studies on the programme.

Religious organisations that apply must offer services to people regardless of their religious beliefs and groups including the Scouts, political organisations and advocacy groups cannot apply.

Richard Craig, chief executive of the Charity Technology Trust, said: "Access to professional design and editing software can play an important role in helping charities and not-for-profit organisations to produce the marketing and fundraising materials they need.

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"As part of CTXchange, Adobe will give charitable organisations access to applications that they might otherwise be unable to afford, helping them to remain competitive."

This article was taken from www.thirdsector.co.uk – http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/Management/article/1150611/