Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

FaithAction: New blog AND a video from Daniel

Today, Daniel Singleton, FaithAction's National Executive Director shares his thoughts with us once moreIn a new blogpost, entitled "Unofficial Games Maker reporting for duty!", Daniel looks at the role the Olypmics have played in encouraging people to help out.

"Just the other day, I aided a couple hopelessly overloaded with children and coffee cups as they cleaned a spillage on the train. (Come to think of it, when do people clean up on a train normally?). I offered help to someone unwell in the street, and dispensed tips on taking children to the Olympic park to a family as we shared a carriage. I'm not saying I’m special; I just think that I too am a Games Maker! (I quite fancy the outfit as well!)"

To read the rest of Daniel's post, check it out here.

But wait, there's more! We're proud to present a video we've made, starring Daniel himself, in which he explains the role performed by FaithAction.

This video, plus more, can also be found in our Media section.