FUNDING: 2012 Mustard Seed Awards

Christian Initiative Trust
2012 Mustard Seed Awards

in association with Premier Christian Media

Overall Aims           

  • To find ideas that tackle problems in new ways and have the potential to make a big difference. 
  • To support Christians with an entrepreneurial spirit and talent to act on their ideas for making a difference in their communities. 
  • To support genuinely new and exciting ideas that enable Christians to get more engaged with their communities.


Gold Award = £12,000
Silver Award = £10,000
Bronze Award = £8,000
Highly Commended = £5,000 

Closing Date:          

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday 28th September 2012


  • Individual Christians, Christian charities and churches
  • Any Christian denomination or affiliation.
  • Based in UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and supporting work either in the UK or internationally.
  • Initiatives costing up to £20,000 (although alternative funding will need to be secured where the award leaves a shortfall against the total project cost).
  • We are committed to reach all the diverse communities we serve. That’s why we encourage applications from minority communities.


  • On-going work
  • Large organisations with established fundraising capacity
  • Initiatives where the award will only cover a small fraction of the costs
  • Work that excludes non-Christians
  • Secular organisations or other non-Christian faith-based organisations
  • Educational expenses for individuals, including travel costs
  • Capital projects

For more information, and to apply, please visit the Christian Initiative Trust website.