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Have a look at our first Guest Blog

FaithAction is pleased to announce the first of our guest blogs is now online!

Jane Gould of Clean Sheet chats about Olympics and the work of Clean Sheet in prisons around the country.


'Working with prisoners and ex offenders, I can’t help but draw impressions and lessons from the awesome experience of London 2012.  

So many of our medal-winning athletes have faced real adversity – physical, emotional and financial  – in their individual journeys to the podium,  to win that precious, life-changing disc of beribboned metal.

It’s been great to hear them giving their families, coaches and support teams the credit for their success.

Each week I and my team of volunteers go into a number of prisons to lead Clean Sheet Ways to Work© 90 minute session with soon to be released prisoners.  We then work with them if they contact us after release – signposting them to housing providers, Job Clubs and the specialist help they need.

Whether they’re first timers or prolific offenders, they all want one thing when they walk out through that gate – to start again with a Clean Sheet. Employment can be key to successful rehabilitation; but so often their record is held against them, so we encourage employers to consider ex offenders for employment, training or volunteering opportunities…'


For the full blog, and for more information on Clean Sheet, click here