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Youth action drive launched in UK following success in America

The youth volunteering charity vinspired has launched a drive to encourage social action among young people by adopting a concept from the United States.

“Do Something UK”, which is based on the successful Do Something.org movement in the US, encourages young people to tackle a range of social issues by engaging them through digital media.

The US campaign promotes action on a range issues, such as parental health or bullying, and incentivises young people to get involved through prize draws.

In the last six months, one in three US high schools have participated in their programmes.  

vinspired, which runs youth social action projects and an online volunteering marketplace, hopes Do Something will promote volunteering to a broader range of young people.

Terry Ryall, vinspired chief executive, said: “We know that by helping young people to do good things, we help them to build their confidence, gain new skills and feel part of their community. 

“Things are tough for young people at the moment. And we know that, now more than ever, as we have seen from the youth-led protests spreading across the world, they are looking for ways to make their voices heard.  

“Do Something, with its focus on simplicity and mass impact, is the perfect way to get young people feeling confident and motivated changing the things that matter to them.” 

The launch of the scheme forms part of a drive by vinspired to keep its work relevant to young people and remain financially viable in the future.

This article was taken from www.cypnow.co.uk – http://www.cypnow.co.uk/cyp/news/1073636/youth-action-drive-launched-uk-following-success-america