28 codes of fundraising practice to be condensed into one

The Institute of Fundraising is to replace its 28 codes of fundraising practice with a single code and up to 30 pieces of guidance.

The Institute has been conducting a comprehensive review of the codes over recent months and feedback from members was generally that they were too confusing and cumbersome, and tended to mix up law, industry standards and best-practice guidance, sometimes within a single paragraph.

Instead, the new single code of fundraising practice will cover just law and the industry standards regulated by the Fundraising Standards Board, the two clear areas that absolutely must be followed by members. It will be around 50 pages long, much more condensed than the 440-odd pages that the existing codes run to.

Gregor McNie, a member of the Institute’s policy team who has led the review, said the full post-consultation report will be published next week.  The new code will not be ready until the summer but a preview will be unveiled at National Convention in early July. 

This article has been taken from www.civilsociety.co.uk – http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/fundraising/news/content/12466