FUNDING: Welwyn Hatfield – Community Grants

Status: Open to applications
Application Deadline: 23 May 2012


Financial assistance is available to voluntary and community organisations in Welwyn Hatfield for projects that benefit the local community.

Value Notes

The Council offers the following types of support:

  • Annual Grants – Core funding is available under a Service Level Agreement to specific organisations.  No minimum or maximum amount of funding is specified.
  • Small Community Grants of up to £2,500
  • Giving in Kind – The Council may assist organisations in non-financial ways, such as:

    • Supported room hire and use of council facilities.
    • Spaces on training courses.
    • Advice on other grant providers.

Extended Description

Welwyn Hatfield Council provides financial assistance to voluntary and community organisations in Welwyn Hatfield for projects that benefit the local community.

Latest Information

2012/13 deadlines are as follows:

  • Annual Grants: 21 August 2012.
  • Small Community Grants: 23 May 2012; and 21 November 2012.

Applications for Giving in Kind can be made at any time.

Key Criteria

Incorporated or unincorporated charities and voluntary, community and not-for-profit groups in Welwyn Hatfield district are eligible to apply.

Applicants can be:

  • Sports clubs.
  • Music societies.
  • Groups for young and older people.
  • Environmental groups.
  • Arts and cultural organisations.
  • Advice giving services.
  • Other groups that represent the interests of local residents.

Organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 50% of the organisation's members/clients/users must live or work in the borough of Welwyn Hatfield.
  • The organisation must be committed to Equal Opportunities and provide a copy of its Equalities Policy.  However, organisations may target some or all of its activities at specific groups, where the intention is to address discrimination or disadvantage.
  • The organisation must be able to provide monitoring information on its membership/users, eg evidence that the services and opportunities provided are accessible to all sections of society and what actions have been taken to address any gaps in access to services.
  • The organisation must be able to provide recent audited/independently examined accounts or projected income/expenditure figures (in the case of organisations that are less than a year old) to demonstrate its need for financial assistance.  The organisation must provide relevant bank statements and demonstrate adequate control of its bank accounts with two required signatories for any payment.
  • The organisation must be sustainable and able to show budgetary information
  • Organisations that work with children or vulnerable adults must provide a copy of their Child Protection or Vulnerable Adults Policy, and all staff/volunteers must have been cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • If successful, organisations are required to acknowledge the support of the Council in its annual report, posters, publicity material and advertising.

Eligible Expenditure

The project/service must relate to at least one of the council's Corporate Promises or Priorities which currently are:

  • Our Community: community safety, public health, licensing, supporting people (both young and old), sport and leisure, community partnerships, preventing homelessness and community transport.
  • Our Environment: household waste and recycling, street scene cleaning, grounds maintenance, car parks and parking, environmental enforcement, noise nuisance, allotments, parks and open green spaces.
  • Our Places: town centres, shopping centres, affordable homes, private sector housing standards, planning for new housing growth and our infrastructure needs.
  • Our Council: financial management, growth and savings, consultation and engagement with communities, business resilience, corporate property, local democracy, assisting councillors to act as community leaders and developing a quality workforce.

Small Community Grants can be used for:

  • Buying equipment or materials.
  • Training staff or volunteers.
  • Repairing improving premises.
  • Producing publicity materials.
  • Events.
  • Running costs.

Match Funding Restrictions

The Council will not normally fund 100% of a project.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Retrospective costs.
  • 100% of the project costs.
  • Organisations that fund their activities from members' subscriptions.
  • Organisations that can obtain funds from other sources.
  • Commercial or profit-making organisations.
  • Parish councils.
  • Projects that are the responsibility of statutory bodies.
  • National charities, unless the project is solely for the benefit of local residents.
  • Projects promoting political or religious beliefs.
  • Individuals.
  • Organisations with reserves in excess of two years' running costs.

Application Procedure

An application form is available from the Welwyn Hatfield Council website.

Contact the Council for further information.

Addresses and contacts

For further information on how to obtain this funding opportunity locally, please contact the following:

Contact details:
Kirsty Alford
Welwyn Hatfield District Council
Campus East
The Campus
Welwyn Garden City
Telephone: 01707 357569
From the Funding Central website. For further information, click here.