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Charity launches ‘first ever’ online national listing of volunteers

A new social networking website claiming to provide the first ever national listing of charity volunteers is being launched.

Charities can search for volunteers by skills and location on the ivo website, designed to match people with community projects that relate to their interests.

The network also provides a forum where people can share their interests and experiences using blogs and videos.

The launch comes after a pilot was run to help charities to connect with volunteers, known as i-volunteer, which ran for 18 months.

The website, run by the charity Red Trust, which promotes social action and volunteering through new technology, is free for volunteers and charities.

Jamie Ward-Smith, founder and chief executive of ivo, said the website was like a LinkedIn for charities and volunteering.

This article was taken from www.thirdsector.co.ukhttp://www.thirdsector.co.uk/Volunteering/article/1128533

"All the evidence says that the best way to get people involved is through personal networks and contacts," he said. "Ivo makes it simple for this to happen in a big way, connecting people who want to change their world with others who have a similar interest."