Face-to-face fundraising penalty system delayed until August

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association will not implement its points and fines system for charities that flout face-to-face fundraising rules until August.

Last year, the PFRA announced plans to fine charities and agencies that did not adhere to new rules for street and door-to-door fundraising. It published new rule books for both types of fundraising and set out a system that would involve giving organisations penalty points if their fundraisers were caught breaking the rules.

If an organisation reached a certain threshold of points in a year, it would receive a fine.

At the time, it said that that each system would be trialled for six months and a review would then take place before the permanent system was implemented. It said that for street fundraising this would come into operation at the beginning of the 2012/13 financial year.

Ian MacQuillin, head of communications at the PFRA, said this had been put back until August because the Institute of Fundraising was reviewing its codes of practice.

"That will probably have an effect on what the rule books will say," he said.

MacQuillin declined to give details at this stage of how the trial for the points and fines system had gone, but said the PFRA had been in consultation with its members about it and it was all still going ahead.

"It’s been positive," he said. "We’ve had very proactive engagement with members and the details will be available in August."

The IoF is reviewing all of its codes of practice. It has finished the consultation phase of the review and is aiming to launch the new codes in mid-summer.

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