CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: Changes to the MoJ’s VCS team

A message from Helen Judge, Director, Sentencing and Rehabilitation:

"I remain the lead director on VCS and reoffending. And I remain committed to ensuring that all my teams have an understanding of the contribution that VCS partners can make to delivering key outcomes. We maintain a small team that is the main point of contact for VCS matters. Shena Clarke, who has been that main point of contact for the last few months, will now be leading full time on women offenders' policy. Shena is in the process of handing over the VCS portfolio to a new member of the team, George Barrow. George, working with Janet Edden, will be reporting to John Hall, my deputy director leading on reducing reoffending. George, who has a background in the probation service and NOMS and a long track record of working on criminal justice issues, will be getting in touch with VCS contacts to ensure a smooth handover. Please do not hesitate to contact George or Janet, if that would be useful."