FUNDING: Buttle UK’s Access to the Future

Buttle UK's Access to the Future programme offers flexible funding for hard to reach young people (aged 18-25) to support their return to education, employment or training. This is a pilot project, funded through partner Barclays, that started in the summer of 2010.

Access to the Future is a pilot project, funded through Buttle UK's partnership with Barclays, that started in summer 2010.  The programme uses Buttle UK's long experience in providing personalised grants to young people and families, to target help specifically at young people who are facing challenges in getting back to work or learning.

By working with a wide range of partner organisations, both local authorities and other charities already working with these young people, they aim to understand exactly what their needs are and tailor their grants accordingly.

Through the pilot Buttle UK will support 100 young people and aim to demonstrate the approach will increase:

  • Access to work placements, work experience, and ultimately paid employment
  • Enrolment on training programmes or a return to education
  • Experience of volunteering and other opportunities that can facilitate a return to work

For more information and to apply, visit Buttle UK