Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

Youth centre seeks sanctuary in charitable trust status

A South Gloucestershire youth centre is hoping to become a charitable trust in order to preserve its services.

The St Nicholas Youth Management Committee is proposing to become a company with charitable status in order to save the St Nicholas youth centre in Abbotswood, Yate. The centre was faced with 65 per cent reduction in funding during 2011/12, before Doddington Parish Council – in partnership with the mangement committee of the youth centre and Yate Town Council – stepped in to challenge the cuts. As a result South Gloucestershire Council confirmed that funding was safe for this financial year, but the youth centre now faces an uncertain future. This proposal follows a similar move by Durham County Council, which was in January considering transferring its sport and leisure services to a charitable trust.

St Nicholas youth centre was built in 1969 to support families and children living in the newly-built housing estates of south Yate, before later expanding into a church as part of the St Nicholas Family Centre. The centre has eight youth workers who run four nights of activities each week, and it is also open one Saturday a month to give respite to young South Gloucestershire carers.

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