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NHS Constitution whistleblowing changes

The Secretary of State for Health’s announcement today (Thursday 8th March 2012) states that the NHS Constitution has been strengthened to include recently agreed whistleblowing changes. These changes make it easier for staff to raise concerns about poor practice. There is now a contractual obligation for staff to speak up if they suspect patients are being put at risk.

The updated NHS Constitution containing the whistleblowing changes and the press release containing further details about today’s announcement can be viewed at the Department of Health website.

This is also designed to inform you of the formation of a new NHS Future Forum working group on the NHS Constitution.

This independent expert advisory group will advise the Health Secretary as he fulfils his legal duty to publish a report on the impact of the NHS Constitution this summer.

It will also consider whether there are any changes that could be made to strengthen the Constitution. A public consultation later this year will give your organisations, along with patients, the public and staff, the opportunity to respond to any proposed changes resulting from this.

If you have any queries with regards to the NHS Constitution whistleblowing changes please contact Kelly Suthern on [email protected].  Alternatively if your query is regarding the Future Forum working group or the NHS Constitution as a whole please contact the NHS Constitution team on [email protected].