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FaithAction Masterclass Week

24th - 27th May

As part of our A Better Chance programme, we’re running four online Masterclasses later this month for just £30 each!

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Fast Track to Funding

Monday 24th May, 10am - 12noon

Do you keep applying for funding and getting rejected? Would you like to apply for funding but have no idea where to start?

We know well how frustrating it can be to spend hours and hours writing a bid for a grant, only to be rejected. At FaithAction, we’ve been involved in many successful grant bids in the past, but we’ve also run programmes that involve giving out grant funding ourselves. This unique position means we’ve seen grant funding through the eyes of both sides, and we’re well aware of what does and doesn’t belong in a successful grant application and the common mistakes made when writing bids.

This masterclass will take you through identifying the types of funding that are most appropriate for your organisation, top tips for completing application forms, and how to maximise your chances of winning your next pot of money.

Getting Started with Zoom

Tuesday 25th May, 10:30am - 12:30pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way that we communicate with each other.

Meetings and events have now moved online, with a host of companies offering solutions to get you up and running.

This class will look at the basics of running a meeting on Zoom, from how to register for an account and scheduling your first meeting, to how to set up breakout rooms, or run videos during your session.

Social Media for Volunteers and Novices

Wednesday 26th May, 10am - 12noon

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… The world of social media often feels infinite and overwhelming.

Used effectively, however, social media can be an excellent tool for raising awareness, strengthening your profile and even forging new partnerships.

This training will introduce you to the main social media platforms and how to use them, as well as what best to use them for in order to maximise your profile and impact.

Working with Volunteers

Thursday 27th May, 11:30am - 1:30pm

Many organisations rely on the support of a team of volunteers in order to help others.

This workshop will help you think through how to get the best from your volunteers. We will cover recruiting volunteers, maintaining and motivating volunteers, moving people from beneficiary to volunteer, and how to build a strong volunteer team.

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