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Social prescribing webinar

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Chloe Reeves and Aimie Cole, who have been leading the ‘Doing the Right Thing’ programme collaboration with Somerset STP for the Richmond Group of health charities, will be presenting findings on social prescribing from the last 18 months of work.

Social prescribing is currently receiving a lot of national attention: it features in the NHS Long Term Plan and is a core component of the government’s Loneliness Strategy. As such, this is a timely webinar, which collates and presents learning from:

  • A review of other social prescribing services around the country;
  • Insight from a Britain Thinks focus group with people likely to use social prescribing services;
  • Community research in Somerset to look at what works well and local views on social prescribing;
  • Insight from an evidence review by the University of West England;
  • Insight from data modelling and financial feasibility testing conducted by formerly OPM (now Traverse).

The webinar will look at:

  • What social prescribing is and is not;
  • The who, what and why of social prescribing;
  • How social prescribing can be delivered and the five essentials;
  • Language and how to talk about social prescribing;
  • How to measure social prescribing;
  • Considerations around commissioning and funding of social prescribing.

This is an open webinar for anyone interested in social prescribing.

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If you are interested but unable to join the webinar, please register anyway as findings will be shared with afterwards.

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