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11th – 15th September

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National Survivor User Network’s Members’ Event 2020

Tuesday, 24th November 2020 until Wednesday, 25th November 2020
All Day
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NSUN has opened registration for its Members’ Event and AGM on the 24th and 25th of November. They would love to see you there.

The focus is on mental health, racial justice, LGBTQ+ activism, peer support, and more, and lots of VCSE partners, folk from the survivor/user community as well as our grassroots group members will hopefully be in attendance.

It will be a free online event where attendees can go to as much or as little as they would like of the scheduled sessions.

Visit their website where you can find all the related content and the schedule: https://nsunagm2020.com/ (schedule: https://nsunagm2020.com/schedule/)

Tuesday 24th November

10.30-11.45am – Opening keynote from human rights lawyer Baljeet Sandhu and NSUN AGM Business with Akiko Hart (CEO) and Angela Newton (Chair)

11.30-12.30pm – Small group discussion “making lives better in mental health: what hurts and what works”, facilitated by Debbie Roberts and Emma Ormerod.


2.00-3.00pm – Panel discussion: LGBTQ+ and survivor activism. Chair: Amy Rushton. Panellists: Kes Otter Lieffe (author), Meg-John Barker (Re-writing The Rules), Sabah Choudrey (Gendered Intelligence), and Suriya Aisha (UNMUTED/Sickbabe).

3.00-4.00pm – Talk session with the Survivor Research Network.

OR Small group discussion “peer support: what (or where) next”, facilitated by Debbie Roberts and Alison Faulkner.

Wednesday 25th November

10.30-11.30am – Panel discussion: “What do user-led groups need?”. Chair: Mark Brown. Panellists: Shuranjeet Singh (Taraki), Steph de la Haye (Survivors of Depression in Transition), and Ursula Myrie (Adira).

11.30-12.30pm – Small group discussion “reflecting on NSUN; past, present, future”, facilitated by Debbie Roberts and Alison Faulkner.


2.00-3.00pm – Panel discussion: Youth activism and lived experience leadership. Chair: Amy Wells. Panellists: Denise Brown (4 Young Minds), Liv Wynter (artist/Hearts and Minds), Oge Obioha (Minds of POC), and Rosie Tressler (Student Minds).

3.00-4.00pm – Small group discussion “activism and creativity”, facilitated by Debbie Roberts and Amy Wells.

3.30-3.50pm – Closing keynote with journalist Micha Frazer-Carroll.

3.50-4.00pm – Closing remarks – Akiko Hart, NSUN CEO

The closing date for registration is Monday 16th November 2020. After registering you will be added to a mailing list to receive joining info for the sessions.