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How do you feel about organ donation?

Thursday, 10th January 2019
2:00pm - 4:30pm
City Hall
The Queen's Walk

London Assembly
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Last year, 62% of Londoners waiting for an organ transplant were Black or Asian. London’s ethnic minorities are under-represented on registered donor lists. As a result, Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities often wait months and years longer than White patients for these transplants because of difficulties finding an ethnic match. In 2017, nationally, 21 percent of people that died waiting were from an ethnic minority background.

How do you feel about organ donation? Have you ever talked about it? Do you know anyone that’s ever needed an organ? How would you feel, or what would you do, if a family member, a friend, or someone in your community needed a new heart or kidney? Does the idea of organ donation just make you a bit uncomfortable?

The Chair of the London Assembly’s Health Committee invites you to a special meeting at City Hall to hear your views on organ donation. The meeting will take place on Thursday January 10 from 2pm – 4.30pm. Everyone is welcome, but they are particularly keen to hear from people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities, who are currently under-represented on donor registration lists.

Come and find out how the Mayor can support better health for all Londoners and help address the unfair survival odds that some of our communities face.

For more information visit www.london.gov.uk