FaithAction believes that faith-based and community organisations provide services that are key to their local communities and tailored for them based on their close knowledge of their local community’s needs. This page lists a number of consultations from various departments where faith groups can raise their voices and have an influence on a national agenda.

If you want to speak to a member of the FaithAction team about any of these consultations before completing them, please get in touch with the national office on 0845 094 6350 or e-mail

Active Consultations

  • Returning to work after time out for caring

    The Government would like to know more about the barriers to returning to work after time out for caring, and about the experiences of people who want to return to work, employers’ experiences of recruiting these people and other evidence on the barriers that they face and the support available to them. It would like to hear from:

    • Those who have returned to work after time out caring for children or family
    • Those currently caring for children or family who would like to return to work
    • Employers
    • Organisations or individuals with knowledge of returners

    The consultation closes 11:59pm on 22 October.

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  • Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care

    NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) and NHS England have developed a proposal to no longer routinely prescribe 18 medicines which are either: clinically ineffective; unsafe; or not cost effective; or where the NHS can offer a clinically-proven alternative for patients.

    While many doctors and other prescribers are no longer prescribing these 18 medicines for patients, the evidence shows that there is variation across the country and that the NHS currently spends £141 million a year on these medicines.

    NHS England and NHSCC are also seeking people’s views on whether a wider list of 3,200 products that are available over-the-counter, without prescription, may be considered appropriate for future restriction. They have brought together an expert clinical working group to review the evidence, and this group has developed recommendations, which are now open for public consultation.

    If you work with people who are prescribed these items, make sure you share your views on the proposed restrictions.

    The consultation closes on 21 October.

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