FaithAction believes that faith-based and community organisations provide services that are key to their local communities and tailored for them based on their close knowledge of their local community’s needs. This page lists a number of consultations from various departments where faith groups can raise their voices and have an influence on a national agenda.

If you want to speak to a member of the FaithAction team about any of these consultations before completing them, please get in touch with the national office on 0845 094 6350 or e-mail

Active Consultations

  • NHS England consultation on evidence-based interventions

    NHS England has launched a new consultation on evidence-based interventions, a programme that aims to ensure that the least effective treatments and surgeries are no longer prescribed routinely. The consultation seeks public feedback on the principles of the programme and the interventions that will be targeted initially. The deadline for responses is Friday 28 September 2018.

    Full information on the consultation, including how to submit your responses, can be found on the NHS England website:

  • Relationship, Health and Sex Education Consulation

    The Department for Education is proposing that schools are required to teach relationships education at primary school, relationships and sex education at secondary school and health education at all state-funded schools.

    The draft regulations build on the findings from the call for evidence and DfE’s engagement with other interested parties.

    The responses to the consultation will help inform any further refining of the draft regulations before they are put before Parliament and the guidance finally published.

    For further information, visit 

    Consultation closes at:

  • Have your say on mental health in the Long Term Plan for the NHS

    The Government has asked the NHS to publish a Long Term Plan for how it will improve, with the new funding that it has been promised. It is currently collecting views and engaging with stakeholders to help it develop the plan – and that includes with the voluntary sector.

    At FaithAction we know that mental health is often the most pressing issue our members see in the communities they work with. If this is the case for you, please consider whether you can give some input to the plan.

    This letter sets out the questions that NHS England would like your views on. FaithAction will submit a response on behalf of our members, so if you would like to take part, please send brief answers to the questions you wish to answer (our overall response is limited to 1500 words).

    Please respond by Monday 27 August to or call us on 020 8597 2900.

  • NHS England consultation on Integrated Care Provider contracts

    There is widespread support for ending the fragmented way that care has been provided to improve services for patients and the NHS has been working towards this in a number of ways.

    Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) are one of these ways, and are intended to allow health and care organisations to be funded to provide services for a local population in a coordinated way.

    An ICP is not a new type of legal entity and so would not affect the commissioning structure of the NHS. An ICP would simply be the provider organisation which is awarded a contract by commissioners for the services which are within scope. It represents an additional option for the local NHS but is not expected to be used everywhere.

    NHS England has now launched a consultation on the contracting arrangements for ICPs. The deadline for responses is 26 October 2018.

    Find out more and take part:

    Consultation events for the public

    NHS England is holding regional engagement events in London, Leeds, Exeter and Birmingham to provide further opportunities for the public to share their views.

    The events will provide an overview of the key points of the consultation.  You will have an opportunity to share your feedback in facilitated table discussions, which will be summarised at the end of the event for the whole group.  Points raised during the events will be taken into account as part of the analysis of consultation responses.

    Please register your interest to attend an engagement event by clicking on your preferred location below.

    The closing date for registrations is 28 August. The team will email to confirm places and further details of venues by 31 August.

    11 September 2018 - 10.30-12.30pm - London

    12 September 2018 - 10.30-12.30pm - Leeds

    18 September 2018 - 10.30-12.30pm - Exeter

    20 September 2018 - 10.30-12.30pm - Birmingham