FaithAction believes that faith-based and community organisations provide services that are key to their local communities and tailored for them based on their close knowledge of their local community’s needs. This page lists a number of consultations from various departments where faith groups can raise their voices and have an influence on a national agenda.

If you want to speak to a member of the FaithAction team about any of these consultations before completing them, please get in touch with the national office on 0845 094 6350 or e-mail

Active Consultations

  • Children and Young People’s mental health – Green Paper

    The Department of Health and the Department for Education have published a Green Paper, Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision. This sets out the ambition that children and young people who need help for their mental health will be able to get it when they need it. The paper focuses on early intervention and prevention, especially in or linked to schools and colleges.

    The proposals in the Green Paper include: creating a new workforce of community-based mental health support teams; encouraging every school and college to appoint a designated lead for mental health; and a new 4-week waiting time for NHS children and young people’s mental health service to be piloted in some areas.

    The Government is seeking views on the proposals, and the consultation will be open until midday on Friday 2 March 2018.

    Find out more:

  • Introducing ‘opt-out’ consent for organ and tissue donation in England

    FaithAction is urging faith groups to respond to the government’s consultation about organ and tissue donation. The government wants to know what people think about proposed changes in which people are considered willing to be an organ donor after their death, unless they have ‘opted out’.

    It wants to find out what people think of how the changes to the system should be made, and what else they think the government needs to consider.

    The key issues for the new system are:

    • how much say families have in their deceased relative’s decision to donate their organs
    • when exemptions to ‘opt-out’ would be needed, and what safeguards would be necessary
    • how a new system might affect certain groups depending on age, disability, race or faith

    You can find out more about what different faiths say about organ donation in the resources available on our website.

    The deadline for responses is 11:59pm on 6 March 2018.

    Go to the consultation:

  • Prescription for Over-the-Counter Medicine

    NHS England has  launched a public consultation on reducing the prescription of medicines otherwise available for purchase over-the-counter for treatment of conditions that are self-limiting (will heal themselves in time, e.g. a sore throat) or are suitable for self-care (e.g. dandruff).

    Prescriptions of these medicines cost the NHS over £550 million pounds last year, and so the consultation seeks feedback on reducing prescriptions for 33 common minor conditions.

    The deadline for feedback is 14th March 2018.

    FaithAction's Felicity Smith has written about why this consultation is important and why we urge everyone to respond:

    Go to the consultation: