Faith Too Significant to Ignore

conference_logo_webAt FaithAction, we’re always focusing on the idea that faith is too significant to ignore and how it can reach places in communities that nothing else can. And it is these ideas that we highlight when we come across those that do not understand the difference faith can make or the significance of faith work.

If you agree with us on the significance of faith, we ask you to lend your name in support of our Too Significant To Ignore campaign. We’re looking to put together a list of everyone that believes that faith makes a difference in communities across the country, and that the work done by faith groups reaches people that nothing else can.

Springfield Project

So far, 170 people think that faith is too significant to ignore!

On Wednesday, the 19th of November 2014, FaithAction held a national conference in Westminster to showcase the amazing work being done by faith-based organisations and provide seminars and workshops to equip organisations to work in a rapidly-changing socioeconomic landscape.