Postcode Community Trust Grant

Postcode Community Trust was established in 2014 and focuses on initiatives that benefit communities through grass-roots sports, arts, recreation and wellbeing programmes which improve a community’s physical and mental health. Most organisations are qualified to apply for a grant of up to £2000, although Charities registered with Charities Commission or OSCR can apply for up to £20,000.

  • Registered charity (requires a number from OSCR or Charity Commission)
  • SCIO
  • Constituted voluntary or community group
  • Social enterprise
  • Community interest company (CIC)
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Local club or other constituted community group

There are two stages to the application, the first being a simple description of your organisation and the project you would like to fund.

Deadline for stage 1: August 15th

For more information visit