Why your project isn’t working

Community projects are great. They galvanise volunteers, they engage new residents and beneficiaries and sometimes they even attract funding! And that’s not all. They are locally rooted, they address practical needs and they are a good use of local community centres and places of worship. […]

Be who you are—don’t just fit in!

All human beings need a sense of belonging. It is integral to our well-being. A lack of belonging underpins the divisions in UK society that the Casey Review has identified. Segregation, deprivation and social exclusion are both the source and the consequence of failing to feel that we belong.

Bullying is not ‘just banter’

A couple of weeks ago, it was Anti-Bullying Week. Like mental health issues, which affect one in four of us, bullying affects many of us at some point of our lives. As parents, it is very hard to watch your child face this most cruel of ‘rites of passage’ – and thankfully we no longer accept bullying as an inevitable experience of childhood.