Why We Need People

The video below is a ‘found poem’ by FaithAction’s very own Dr Anne Smith, taken from an automated transcript of a very important meeting.

Now are you what you are
A you you you you you you you
Using a house in my face
You are the reason we try to get more fat
You are you you you you you you you, just you do
I or so.

You are a hat for a song
You are a street, not a you we have had of Richard
Are you the worst of all information?
You give us the score of the.

We give you busy to listen
If you feel you are in so usually before you buy a field
If you have a a a a, so you are with you, you are fine
The man you have in you is out.

You are exploring a Fifi.
If you are stripping everywhere
You had to show you the plantation you would expect.

You software the rush
Saying you can’t 61 you 6 people.

There is a very chewy way because the are 62 to very vigorous

You are doing monster:
Section mole are structural in the brickwork

You are I
The blob of law today
You have a musician on the property
Subletting the axle.

Question you my mind?

Anne Smith

About Anne Smith

Dr Anne Smith is the Lead Trainer on the Creative English. In this role, she writes Creative English session plans and materials, trains Creative English facilitators and supports those delivering the course. She also runs her own Creative English group in Redbridge. Anne, the brains behind Creative English, created the programme after seven years of research with refugees and migrants, exploring how approaches to drama-based learning could build community and increase participants’ sense of belonging. This resulted in her being awarded a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London in 2013. She has more than twenty years of experience in the formal and informal education sector, as a teacher and workshop facilitator in schools, universities and community settings.