Why Be a FaithAction Member?

FaithAction membership is open to all individuals and organisations

Whether you are a faith based organisation, community organisation, social enterprise, private company, government department or an individual interested in the sector, our membership is free and available to everyone.

Stay up-to-date on happenings in the sector

Whether its changes to policy and how it could affect you, new funding opportunities being made available, or training and other events being held, we’ll make sure that you’re always informed about what’s going on.

Our weekly newsletter straight to your inbox

We send out updates each week, containing a wealth of news, as well as details of events and opportunities to get involved, from across the voluntary sector.

Advice and guidance from the FaithAction team

We offer free advice and guidance sessions to faith-based organisations, as we believe that they may face unique issues not encountered by the rest of the voluntary sector. We offer to share the knowledge and expertise we’ve accrued on a range of topics through one-to-one sessions with interested groups.

Access to expert guides and groundbreaking reports by FaithAction

As a FaithAction member, you’ll receive access to guides produced by the FaithAction team, which currently cover areas including how to run an event and advice and tips on how to network. You’ll also have access to all the reports

You can preview content from some of our guides below.