A Manifesto for Faith

Over 35 million people in the UK profess a religious affiliation and 17% say that it is one of the most significant factors in their life.

Our Faith Manifesto contains seven proposals aimed at politicians, policy makers and funders with the aim of securing stronger partnerships between government and faith groups.

Laugh Your Way to Confident English

This guidance and collection of resources is to help build up the evidence base showing the contribution to the health of communities that faith-based organisations make across the UK.

Join the Masterclass!

Join FaithAction’s own Felicity Smith for “practical and engaging” training that “takes the fear out” of a range of subjects! Plus we’ve just launched new Sixty Minute masterclasses that cover the essentials online!

Building Dementia-Friendly Faith Communities

There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. These inspiring case studies explore how faith communities are tackling this issue.

Working in partnership with:

Department for Communities and Local Government
Department of Health
NHS England
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